REVIEW: My bev choices for the festive season


Everyone close to me know one thing about me for certain. I am very picky when it comes to food and alcohol. I am the type of person to always rock up with my own drinks because I dot trust that i will like what everyone is having. I have always been a wine girl but I keep realising that my tongue leans more toward a sauvignon blanc than it does to a chardonnay and other types of wines, but even so it has always been difficult for me to find a perfect specific brand that I truly truly enjoy.

I recently tried the 1692 Spier Sauvignon Blanc and I finally have a winner. It is so easy for me to consume, I love the aroma and how fruity it is. I don’t have a heavy palate nor do I have a sweet tooth so this has a well balanced fruity taste and acidity that caters to my weird palate. I love that it fairs off very well with some pasta, fruits and sushi (and everyone knows those are my favourites). It retails at an average of R60 at retailers i.e Makro, Checkers Liquor and Spar Tops and you can get it for anything between R110 – R170 p/b at restaurants and because it is not only easy on my tongue but is also easy on my wallet it always is my best bet when I’m eating out. 




One thing I have definitely also leaned towards and I am enjoying so much is the new girl in town in the form of the Bernini Amber, which Bernini (the natural sparkling grape frizzantè) recently released just in time for summer. For most of my life I wasn’t quite big on ciders, I always found them to either be too sweet or headache(y). I tried baby girl Amber and I can officially declare that  I have found a cider girl I completely fux with. She posses all the characters I like in a girl, she is dynamic with a sparkling wine kind of taste, she is fruity and not too sweet, just perfect and matured.

She is a confident girl that stands out in a room with her unmissable gold glow packaging completed by her bubbling aura of all things frizzantè. For me she is my favourite girl in the Bernini RTD Range which boasts the Classic Girl, the Ruby Berry Babe and Miss Blush. One thing I totally love and appreciate about their offering is that there is a drink in the group for each one of my friends and our personalities. The Amber retails for R79,95 for 6X275ml and R99,95 for 6X440ml

NB: Not for sale to persons under the age of 18. please glow responsibly and do not drink and drive. 

Please comment below and let me know what you are consuming this summer, what are your favourite drink and do you change your preferred alcoholic beverages with seasons?



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