(F)abulous, (I)ndependent , (N)urturing , (A)frican, (H)umble – FINAH

Everyone who knows and follows or has followed my work will know that I literally lose my mind when i discover a new artist, and i might certainly be biased but if the artist is from my home province of Limpopo they are certainly bound to grab my attention. It was definitely nothing different when I came across a music video clip of songstress Finah on the Verbal Silence Social media pages.
She captured me with the fact that 1stly part of the music video was shot lešakeng ( In a kraal). Look I’m an easy girl to please because having grown up in the villages i never thought i would see a music video that kind of depicts what was my reality for decades, 2ndly there was something commanding about her voice, something that compelled me to listen and watch the video for all of its 4 minutes, and this is quite telling of her talent considering that your girl (Yes, Me) has quite a short attention  and concentration span. so i had to find out more about her so that i can come share her with you guys.
So the talented Finah was born Salphina, and grew up in Mentz in Mankweng  just outside of Polokwane. She had a very   good upbringing and was raised with a lot of love, respect and care by her mother. One of the biggest lessons that her mother taught  her was to respect people and remain humble at all times. Her family structure is very big on sharing which birthed in her a giving spirit which has become one of her favourite traits about herself.
On her singing career Finah said she  started singing at a very young age but only started recording in 2013. she has had an interesting and forever growing career. she has worked as a featured vocalist with some of Limpopo’s best producers and Dj’s i.e Charmza the dj, Mr extreme, Dj Calypso Wa Polokwane, PAPI The Vocal, toxic Peterson and Sebasa Mogale from whom she has learnt a lot both as an individual and a musician. Due to unforeseen circumstances she had to take a break from music for a while to focus on matters that demanded her utmost attention at the time, Until she recently joined Verbal Silence Entertainment, which she has been with for a few months but is already seeing a traceable trend of great progress and amazing revival for her music career.  The progress she has witnesses is massive when she looks back from where she was when she released her first single “Hold On” to where she is now.
Finah is inspired daily by her  family, her mother’s support and the aspirations she has for herself and her kids, she is also inspired by everyday life experiences as well as great strides made by fellow musicians who are breaking boundaries using their God given talents. She has had to face her fears and tackle some of the biggest musical challenges she has faced, Finah is proud to now be writing music that speaks to her heart both in genre and in language. As an artist that was extensively featured on house songs she is happy to be finding comfort in her traditional afro pop music and writing in Sepedi as opposed to english which she had utilised in her previous songs.
On her dream collaboration she said ” I would really be happy to make a song with the talented songstress Busi, I am not only a fan of her music but her vocal ability and humility as well”

below you can enjoy a video of her new single titled “Makoti” and released under Verbal silence Entertainment.#Makoti is now available on Apple Music, iTunes.


You can keep in touch with Finah, by folloing her work and check out all the great moves she is making on her facebook page “Finah”


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