Babsie : Excited about her future in Sports

In this edition of women in Sports, we place the spotlight on a very interesting and daring young woman whose future in sports is as bright as the sun on a summer day. I met her at the Radio Awards a few years ago and we had such a great and fulfilling conversation. After introducing ourselves to each other, we couldn’t stop talking. Her aura was so refreshing and her take on radio and sports as co-existing industries were so unique and very impressive and just like that we followed each other on social media till this day.


I love that Babsie as a sports journalist and a human being is very unconventional and stands out from the crowd, her daring personality not only matches her hair but her ambition as well. Her career in sports broadcasting started long before she even knew that she  wanted to pursue it as a career. In 2017 she took a decision to actively pursue sport broadcasting as a career, she was at a club football match talking about cricket and someone simply asked, “Have you considered a career in sports broadcasting?” and that question was not only a light bulb moment but sparked a light within her that has since become very difficult to switch off. 


She soon started a YouTube channel focusing solely on all things sports. Her biggest areas of interest and sporting codes are  Rugby, Cricket, Tennis and a dash of  Formula One. With her interest in sports growing immensely and her content garnering great feedback she then decided to take a break from advertising and took a leap of faith to focus her attention and efforts on getting into sports broadcasting. She soon hit a few dead ends and went back into advertising. But as with every journey in life the universe was to make the final decision on whether its time to blow the whistle on her sporting career or not. 


As life would have it, it seems that her journey in sports had a life of its own and wasn’t about to be burried by a few hiccups and few challenges here and there. So in 2021, she connected with the amazing Kass Naidoo who has been mentioned by 90% of the women I have featured here as a huge inspiration and a very willing and active mentor. Kass recognised her potential, drive and undying spirit and took her on as a mentee. Babsie was very ready to take another leap and give her sports broadcasting career another chance at life, this time not taking a break but deciding to leave the advertising industry altogether to actively pursue this dream that refuses to let her go. When Kass got in touch with her, there had been a great opening in a form of an internship at GSPORT and Babsie took it and ran with it. She is currently an editorial intern at GSPORT and is beyond excited about her future in this space and hope to make a positive impact.

You can check out Babsie’s content on her youtube channel or you can follow her on Twitter or Instagram


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  1. Babalwa Kutwana
    June 18, 2021 / 1:27 pm

    Ahhhhh Kea!!! This is auch a beautiful write up. Girl you just keep uplifting. Thank you so much for the feature ❤❤❤❤

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