A love letter to my #KeaLoga clients

In November 2019 I resigned from my job as a Media and Communications officer and had promised myself that it is time for me to follow my heart and pursue all my God given talents. little did I know that God had set aside 2020 as a year that will dig deeper than dreams for many of us, but honestly a lot still went really well on this side.


In the pursuit for what sets my soul on fire, I decided to give my #KeaLoga talent a chance again.I started plaiting when I was in primary school, I learnt because I didn’t like how my aunt braided my hair so I opted to learn so I can show her how it is done. In high school, braiding hair was my hustle and I was the girl that always had money because I was the chief hairstylists for my female teachers. I literally took myself to trips, bought clothes, books and other necessities using money that I made from plaiting hair.When I was in Grade 10 -12 I worked at a salon up the road from my house on weekends.

on 04 January 2020 I put out to the world that I am ready to reignite my love for hair and I was received with an out of this world response and before we knew it we were fully booked for an entire month. I then assembled a team made up of an administrative assistant and a co-braider both of whom are my siblings.


Firstly I would like to say “Thank You” for allowing us into your homes, for trusting us with your children, for going above and beyond to make us comfortable, for the amazing and always needed feedback, for your honesty, for cheering us on, for recommending us to your friends, family and colleagues, for the amazing snacks you always prepared for us, for trusting us so much to come back over and over and over again, not only did you help us survive financially but you practically became family in the process.

I need you to know that I prayed for you, for your type of energy, for your type of kindness and warmth, I prayed for the type of clients I envisioned for this business, for the calibre of humans they must be and for the conversations we were to engage in, I want you to always know that you were and are an answered prayer to me and my team. we think very highly of you, we care about your wellbeing, we care about your children and their wellbeing (PS you lot have the most intelligent, outspoken and well disciplined children) and we truly and deeply appreciate how you have literally raised the bar when it comes to being a client. It has become very hard for us to accept difficult customers because you have taught us that one can communicate their dissatisfaction without being rude or malicious and for that we are grateful.



I have met sisters who have opened themselves up to me, we have talked about life, love, travel, friendships, romance, family and everything you can think of. We have laughed till our stomachs hurt and we have to take a break from the plaiting to crying till our tears dry themselves and we have prayed for each other and with each other like we have known each other for decades. I have realise that God’s purpose of me getting back into this hair business was not to make your hair look pretty but to be showered with so many pretty moments that have left a lasting impression in our hearts.

You have held my hand in healing and have trusted me with your own healing processes, we have become to each other what we could have only imagined and as we bid farewell to this rather difficult year,  I want you to know that you were a big part of what made my heart smile and life better in this difficult year.That we crossed paths for a reason and I have found mine.

I hope God triples all that you wish to acquire, that He always brings upon your life people with great intentions and that He ensure that your pockets are forever overflowing so that you can change your hairstyles twice a month hahaha.I have traveled all over Johannesburg and Pretoria to always be met with kind hearts an open arms. my wish for you in the new year is from the book of Psalm 20.


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  1. Monica
    December 31, 2020 / 2:27 pm

    Wow, Kea this is so beautiful. May the Lord bless you & your team love. You have a caring heart and a beautiful smile that makes a difference to people’s life. My the Lord bless u & protect u. I love u lots.

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